Has your boss asked you to do a Root Cause or Sentinel Event Analysis? Are you confused about where to start? Have you had some minimal training in determining root causes but are still unsure of what root cause analysis is all about? Do you keep fixing the same things over and over? Have you had a near miss or an accident at your facility that requires you to do Root Cause or Sentinel Event Analysis? Is your business unit failing to achieve its objectives? Are you seeing repeat failures--are you fixing the same things over and over? Are regulatory agencies breathing down your neck? Are your event analysis reports being rejected by management?

Root Cause Analysis is a very powerful tool to determine root causes. Unfortunately much of the training currently being offered is prescriptive and neglects the many complexities and hidden subtleties in the use of the various root cause analysis techniques, in developing a solid data base and in the use of good scientific method during the investigative process. As a result basic concepts are not well understood and many analysts are not fully prepared to deal with real world industrial or medical problems. In most cases without a firm background and advanced "HANDS ON" problem solving training your results are likely to be less than satisfactory.

Here is your opportunity to obtain the information you need to be successful in conducting root cause analysis investigations. In his book, A Comprehensive Guide to Root Cause & Program Performance Analysis, associated self-paced computer based training (CBT), and classroom instructional and practical, "REAL WORLD" problem solving sessions involving root cause analysis D.B. Fulbright will guide you through the various techniques you need to master in order to be successful at the "BASIC and ADVANCED" levels of root cause analysis.

These works include all commonly used root cause analysis techniques required to determine human error, organizational, programmatic and equipment failure modes and mechanisms and the methods to develop effective corrective actions so a problem can be "FIXED ONCE AND FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME IT'S DETECTED."

In addition Mr. Fulbright has developed a special technique called "Program Performance Analysis" that allows an analyst to evaluate dysfunctional programs and develop effective corrective actions to ensure various business unit "PROGRAMS" (QA, Maintenance, Training, Human Resources, etc.) are meeting the actual business needs of the organization and and remain at full productive capability.

This is where you can learn "THE REAL INS AND OUTS" of how to apply the investigative techniques used in doing effective root cause analysis work and how they can help you reduce waste, eliminate organizational inefficiencies, determine weaknesses in your systems and processes, reduce human error and SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE IN THE MARKETPLACE. CONSIDER THIS: IF YOU CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS BETTER AND MORE EFFECTIVELY THAN YOUR COMPETITION, WHO'S GOING TO BE THE WINNER?

Mr. Fulbright provides one day basic and 3-day advanced Root Cause Analyst Certification Courses. These courses are offered at very competitive prices and involve classroom instructional lectures and PRACTICAL (PRACTICAL = THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DO TO USE ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS SUCCESSFULLY)  problem solving sessions.

The book is available as a PDF download for $19.95 and the computer based training module for $199.00.  These items can be purchased by sending a check or money order to:

2238 Portofino Ave
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Phone 305-242-6940

Additionally, we will invoice based on your request using the form below or your letterhead for domestic U.S. purchases.

Scheduling and pricing for classroom instruction may also be obtained by E-mail, by using the form below, or by contacting Mr. Fulbright directly at the above address. A free sample of the first section of the CBT, and course descriptions may be obtained by request.

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